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We try to solve complex problems related to visual communication through projects. We do it by combining graphic design, programming solutions and ongoing research, with particular care of accessibility, functionality, scientific approach, multidisciplinarity and study.




We believe that visual communication can be the right tool to reduce obstacles to knowledge and comprehension. 

We put a lot of effort into designing projects as simple and clear as we can, to be conveyed to the largest audience possible.

We make projects respectful of the communication needings sprang by their usage. We talk to end-users to understand their needs and test the effectiveness of our artefacts. We keep in mind that errors and misunderstandings are always present and we design so as to reduce their impact.

Scientific approach
We start the design process with care of perception issues and communication efficacy. It is crucial to us to verify these factors in a scientific manner through research and consistent collaboration with specialists.

Our team works combining different expertise for great results: graphic design, programming skills and research enable us to deal with every kind of projects.

A broad system of connections with trusted experts give us the ability to design complex projects and to organize a specific work team based on the needs and goals of the client.

Our visual solutions count on the specific function of what we realize. We continuously research and study themes related to visual communication, interaction and new technology so as to be ready for the future.

Our offer

Visual identity, information visualization, animations, communication strategies, web development, app design, consultancy, analysis, research: these are just a few examples of what we do everyday for Italian and foreign companies.